Sunday, July 28, 2013

Peace and Freedom Renewal Caucus

"New Group Formed to Revitalize the Peace and Freedom Party"
2013-07-28 press release:
A new caucus dedicated to reinvigorating the California Peace and Freedom Party was launched today at the Party's State Central Committee (SCC) meeting in Sacramento.
P&F Renewal is dedicated to building a more open, transparent, effective, and more activist organization. The Peace and Freedom Party was founded in 1967 and has grown to become the largest socialist political party in the country with approximately 75,000 members.
However, the founders of P&F Renewal are concerned that the Party is not growing fast enough to remain on the ballot through 2014 because of discriminatory rules for ballot status created by Proposition 14, the so-called "Top Two" election law. Under the new law, Peace and Freedom will have to increase its registered membership to well over 100,000.
"P&F Renewal is committed to making our Party more inclusive and more robust in meeting the increasing economic assaults on working people," said Alameda County activist, Gene Ruyle.
The initial founders of P&F Renewal are Karl Abrams, Yolanda Miranda, Gene Ruyle, Jim Smith, Maureen Smith, Alice Stek and Georgia Williams.
At the Sacramento State Committee Meeting, P&F Renewal promoted inclusion of two items on the current debt crisis into the Peace and Freedom Platform. The two items were approved by the body. They are:
1. "Provide full free quality public education through university level and cancel existing student debt."
2. "Cancellation of all debts found to be illegitimate and unjust to the working class through an open and democratic process not controlled by the creditors."
In addition, a bylaws proposal to broaden the Peace and Freedom leadership was introduced. It would eliminate Section 9d, thereby replacing officers meetings with meetings of the more representative State Executive Committee (SEC) which includes delegates from all counties and chapters. It will be voted on at the next SCC meeting.
PFP Renewal also held a successful forum after Saturday's SCC meeting to discuss how we can move Peace and Freedom forward.
Georgia Williams, a Fresno P&F activist, stated "now is the time for a strong left voice to oppose the growing unilateralism and authoritarianism by our government in international relations."
P&F Renewal urges all current and former Peace and Freedom activists to participate in building the Party by associating themselves with the caucus. It can be contacted through [].

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