Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Solano Peace and Freedom Party speaks at "Wine on the Water"

On Sept. 22nd, Solano Peace and Freedom Party Chairperson Katy R. had been invited to speak about Feminism and it's role in the human condition at the "Wine on the Water" benefit gathering for "SANE/SART", a non-profit composed of women nurses who act as "1st responders" to victims of sexual assault. She spoke to an audience of 300 women, men and children.
What follows is the text of her speech:

Greetings to all my sisters, and brothers!
My name is Kathryn R., and I thank you for supporting the SANE/SART first responders to the victims of sexual violence in the Northbay.
 These courageous nurses and their allies do this work without financial subsidies by the Hospitals or Northbay County governments, so it is up to just us to keep their service available to the public.
Please, give all you can to SANE/SART!!
 In contrast to the culture of “Blame the Victim”, SANE/SART treats all victims as People First, without charge. Additionally, in today’s political climate, there is an ever growing trend to discount women, and to discount even our Human Rights.
 In my capacity as a leader in the Peace and Freedom Party of California, I advocate for Women’s Equality under the law, against old and so-called “traditional” values of patriarchy… that is, I stand against the tradition of men ALWAYS being on-top in the law, on the job, and in our very own minds!
 Our Equality is a Human Right! And, as organizer for the true values of Feminism in the Solano Co Peace and Freedom Party, I say it is time to reclaim and re-energize a feminist movement which stands tall for Human Rights, by ourselves, and with others!
 While we advocate for our Rights for ourselves, there are many women whose lives are ruined by Human Rights abuse conducted by local governments, and we feel that those of us with the time, the energy, and the spirit, ought to be able to help all women against the abuse of a corrupted male-dominated society!
  For example, in order that we may uphold the cause of Human Rights for the victims of police murder and their families, and put an end to the dividends created by fascism and racism, the Peace and Freedom Party has conducted outreach to young mothers and all people who are willing to listen. We have joined with the "Mobilization of Mothers (MOMs)" alongside civil-rights and faith organizations, to form a "Million Mothers Movement" with the ultimate goal of a "Million Mothers March" on Washington DC and a lobbying campaign so we can demand legislation be introduced and made law which protects the People against these blatant Human Rights violations, to tell Washington lawmakers that it's not ok that the police state is killing our children, brutally in the streets and with mass-incarceration, and will never get used to it!!!
 The campaign for Equality and for Human Rights came directly out of the battle to end economic slavery in the United States and the old Jim Crow laws during the 1970s, and was fought through militant actions in the streets, at home, in our workplaces and halls of government. Today, the struggle for equality continues against a stepped-up war on women. Elected officials from both parties are shredding social services while our paychecks shrink and jobs disappear. Last year, 26 states enacted laws restricting reproductive freedom and family planning. Meanwhile, over 40% of families headed by single African American, Latina and Native American mothers live in poverty.
 The sparks of feminism needs support and leadership, so that we women can use our experiences to keep the flame of freedom burning, so that our life experiences can combine and GROW into a national grassroots movement.
 It's time to build a game-changing feminist strike-back against unfair values of a system DOMINATED by the values of certain selfish men. Our strike-back for the preservation of our Rights unites all people into a grassroots movement that tackles racism, sexism, fascism and hatred dead-on. We advocate for a culture where our values as women are shared, where our community takes care of eachother like a family, where all are sheltered and fed, and quality childcare and education for all children and mother’s who need a second chance at life, for quality family planning, for respectable legal protections for women suffering sexual abuse.
 Our Party stands for Peace in our Community, and for Freedom for all People. We are a Party of Feminist values, of Communitarianism, of humanitarian Socialism, of the values and traditions which made these United States of America great and worthy of the slogan “Land of the Free”!
 Again, I ask that you give all you can for SANE/SART, for all the work that they do. And, if you feel inspired to take back our POWER on all levels, to talk to me or contact us at SolanoPFP@lavabit.com