Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Good News about California Assembly Bill AB 2351

On Monday, August 25, AB 2351 passed the State Senate on a 28-0 vote, although it was left open so more Senators could add their vote.  Because it was amended in the Senate, it will be sent back to the Assembly, where it passed the first time 77-0, for concurrence before it is sent to the Governor.  If the Governor signs it or lets it become law without his signature, Peace and Freedom Party will remain on the ballot in California until 2018.
AB 2351 will move the vote test from the general election to the primary and lower the registration test.  The vote test will remain at 2% and since our candidate for Insurance Commissioner, Nathalie Hrizi, received 5.4% we have met that test.  We also have enough registrations to meet the registration test, but without an organized registration drive our numbers are falling.
But the good news is we are on the ballot until 2018 if the Governor signs our bill.