Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Vote for C. T. Weber, Peace and Freedom Party

C. T. Weber is campaigning for California State Assembly Dist. 9

C. T. Weber, State Chairperson for the Peace and Freedom Party of California, has a question and answer session with the "Sacramento Bee" newspaper:

Contact's Email:    ctwebervoters@att.net
Contact's Name:    C. T. Weber

Occupation:    Retired Government Analyst
Birthplace (city):    Kansas City, Missouri
Residence (city):    Sacramento, California
Campaign address:    1403 Los Padres Way, Sacramento, CA 95831
Campaign telephone:    (916) 422-5395
Campaign email:    ctwebervoters@att.net
Web site:    peaceandfreedom.org
Education:    Master Public Administration, California State University, Long Beach, 1980. Bacholor of Arts in History, California State University, Long Beach, 1969.
Experience:    California Highway Patrol, Government Analyst (AGPA) Sacramento, 1998- 2004. California Public Utilities Commission, Special Agent in charge of San Diego district office, 1982-1998. SEIU Local 1000, State Council & District Labor Council President.

Campaign Questions
Q:    TAXES: Do you support the governor’s plan to raise taxes? Why or why not?
A:    No! Over the years both Democrats and Republicans have slowly and quitely shifted the tax burden from the super rich and their corporations to working people. Any sales tax hits those at the bottom of our economic ladder the hardest. Re-Tax the rich.

Q:    RAIL: Do you support the plan to build a high-speed rail network in California? Why or why not?
A:    I support public transportation. However, I think CalTrans could build a better high-speed rail network than the private sector and at a much lower cost. Contracting out jobs to the private sector leads to less oversight and expensive cost overruns.

Q:    PENSIONS: Which actions do you support to reduce state and local government public employee pension shortfalls? Should any changes affect only newly hired employees, or should current workers be included?
A:    Part of the compensation earned by working people includes wages, benefits, working conditions, and retirement. Workers should be entitled to a stable defined benefit plan for retirement. Wages and pensions should not fluxuate with the stock market.

Q:    HIGHER EDUCATION: What actions do you support to make public colleges and universities more solvent? Higher tuition and fees? What should be cut, if anything?
A:    I support the ballot initiative to tax oil and natural gas at the source in order to bring $3 billion dollars for education. I also support the millionnaires tax initiative. We need high quality free education, pre-school through the universities.

Q:    PRIORITY: What problem will you tackle first if elected?
A:    Capitalism as an economic system has has failed us again and yet California is a wealthy state. We have a funding problem. We need more revenues. It is only fair that the rich and their corporations once again contribute to rebuilding California.

Q:    INFLUENCE: Which special interests at the Capitol have too much power? Explain.
A:    Corporations. A corporation is now a person and money is free speech. Corporations and the super rich contribute to both Republican and Democratic politicans. In return they are rewarded greatly. Private money pollutes the political process.