Saturday, December 15, 2012

Bill of Rights Day

Luncheons scheduled to read the Bill of Rights aloud

 Ask any local venue if you can bring over a bunch of people for lunch or dinner.
 ---Any tavern or restaurant, especially one with a side room, works fine.
 ---You can even just invite people into your own home.

 Send out the word, the appeal is automatically built into "Bill of Rights Day Celebration."
 ---Use email, photocopied flyers, word-of-mouth, tell local activist groups, be creative.
 ---You can even just invite people you know, that's how we started years ago, it was fine.

Get and read a copy of the Bill of Rights out loud. How much easier could it be.
 ---Ask someone locally who's a somebody to offer some opening remarks.
 ---After you read the Bill of Rights ask, "How healthy is the bill?" and the fun begins.

-- A venue that has a happy hour makes it even easier, since they already put out a spread and the bar tab means their revenue goes up with no effort to them.

-- We have the luck of having a reenactor (Patrick Henry) who's always looking for performance spots, this is a natural, I just let him know and he's there. Similar people and opps are everywhere (try patriotic barbershop-singer quartets nationwide for example, google Barbershop Harmony Society; or google "re-enactors in [your town]" and find lots to choose from).

-- Use your gift of gab to persuade a fancy venue into hosting (send a few emails, make a few phone calls, meet to tie up the details), they're very receptive to offers to bring in a group large or small. Let them charge a modest door fee -- the appeal of your event skyrockets (the venue gets the fee and bar tab, no sweat, they provide the victuals and work the door including credit cards; we've used The Omaha Steakhouse, The Goldwater Institute, The Wrigley Mansion).

I mean, the thing virtually runs on autopilot. Great thanks to Aaron Zelman in Milwaukee ( for first floating the inspired concept. "All of the Bill of Rights for all of the people."

Everyone has a stake in preserving the Bill of Rights, even if we differ over parts. People like yourself can make this the major national event it ought to be. Go for it!