Friday, May 11, 2012

"Solano Mayday report" by Kathryn

Mayday -
We had a  event here in Vallejo.  It was perfect autonomous organizing.  Most of of the speakers gave impromptu talks. Then we had one green come up with a typed speech and although he did mention PFP first and plugged both parties equally it gave us an opening for political posturing!! Which, as Proud Party Members, we gladly accepted! Guillermo spoke twice along with Roger Wilkins and Joel Schor. The rally was well attended and a great success we distributed lit. for Marsha and Guillermo as well. Our Mayday action was a great success!!

Then on to Oakland -
In Oakland we saw many comrades, the march from Fruitvale was well paced and filled with people to meet. We distributed PFP lit and marched with Alice Peron of Solano Co. PFP. At the end of the rally (in some park in oakland) the march started and then ended at Oscar Grant Plaza, where we stayed. They had speakers and performance artists up until dusk. Many people mingled yet they were very aware night falling..
Unfortunately, most of the Black Bloc stayed there, who appeared to be bourgeois teenagers brazenly drinking tall cans in their battle armor. So everyone not wanting to participate was well aware that it was time to move on. We collected Alice and began to move down Broadway. We stayed a good distance away for press interest and watched. It was an epic mob scene for sure!
all in all i believe the Oakland Mayday event was a success for our united front, despite the negative press fixation on the black bloc actions.