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Peace and Freedom Party Presidential Candidates Survey

The Los Angeles County Central Committee asked all five candidates for the Peace and Freedom Party presidential nomination to participate in a survey of the candidates. Here are the five responses.

2012-02-26 "Murrieta Man Seeks Oval Office: Stewart Alexander of Murrieta is a Peace and Freedom Party candidate for the office of president of the United States"
by Maggie Avants []:
A Murrieta man has thrown his hat into the 2012 presidential race.
Stewart Alexander, 60, is a Peace and Freedom Party candidate. He is listed alongside names such as Barack Obama, Mitt Romney and Roseanne Barr on the latest presidential candidate list provided by the Riverside County Registrar of Voters Office.
Alexander is no stranger to politics. He said he has been involved politically for 25 years. In a telephone interview, Alexander told Patch he ran for lieutenant governor of California in 2006. In that race he said he garnered 43,000 votes. He also ran for mayor of Los Angeles in 1989, he said, and was a vice presidential candidate for the Socialist Party USA in 2008.
"I have been very much involved in the fight to make sure small parties have ballot access," Alexander said.
Alexander believes he offers a knowledge of the working class. That includes warehousing, sales, small business and big business, he said.
"Most of the people in Washington haven't worked," he said.
He said he wants to fight for the rights of the working class.
"We have seen an exodus of good paying jobs," he said, of California. "Many of the technology companies have gone overseas."
To balance the federal budget, Alexander said "tremendous" cuts need to be made in military spending.
"We need to make 50 percent in cuts."
Alexander said he does not support U.S. involvement in Afghanistan, Libya or in escalating talks of sanctions on Iran.
"We are just moving toward another war."
What he does advocate is a single-payer health care system and investing in public education.
"Right now we have 49 million people without adequate health care coverage. On the national level we have seen a tax on Social Security and Medicaid.
"We have also seen a tax on our youth. We have a responsibility to make sure our youth receive an education."
In addition, he said more needs to be done to protect the environment. There has been a cover-up of the Gulf spill by the Obama Administration, he said.
"The mess is still there; it hasn't been cleaned up."
Alexander, who presently works in auto sales, has lived in Murrieta since 1999. Together with his wife of 12 years, the couple has four children and seven grandchildren.
He has never held public office, but said his track record of political involvement qualifies him for the job of president. His running mate, Alex Mendoza, of Texas, would serve as vice president.
To get the word out, Alexander said they have been using the Internet and independent media.
"We have been contacted by a movie producer that wants to create a movie on the challenges for third parties in the U.S. and third party candidates. Hopefully the movie will be out before the election in November."
Find out more about Alexander's campaign by visiting [].

2012-08-01 "A note from the Socialist Party USA's Alexander/Mendoza Campaign" by Mimi Soltysik, National Campaign Manager:
Hello to all on the Peace and Freedom Party Comrades
First, we would like to extend our warmest thanks for affording our campaign the opportunity to run for the Peace and Freedom Party Presidential nomination. This process has fostered new working relationships between the Peace and Freedom Party and the Socialist Party USA, and we have thoroughly enjoyed the cooperation and camaraderie you have extended to us over the last year.
Why do we feel that Stewart and Alex are the perfect choices for the Peace and Freedom nomination? From our perspective, the answers are pretty simple. Stewart has established himself as an advocate for and an activist within the Peace and Freedom Party for well over a decade and continues to promote the virtues of the Peace and Freedom Party in numerous media opportunities -- not just in California, but throughout the country. You can count on Stewart to maintain an active presence within the Peace and Freedom Party well beyond this election.
Not only does the Alexander/Mendoza 2012 ticket represent the voice of the struggles faced by minorities in California, but both Stewart and Alex are living examples of the U.S. working class wage earner, struggling to put food on the table. We continually hear throughout this campaign statements like "he is no different than me" or "they speak to me, not at me". These two are not academics. Stewart and Alex are the people they are trying to represent. Both are committed to and vehemently passionate about spreading the socialist message, in full compliance with the Peace and Freedom Party platform; this is not a reform ticket.
Finally, we would like to address some concerns that we have seen with regard to the Alexander/Mendoza 2012 Campaign, primarily the notion that the Socialist Party USA and the Campaign do not take the Peace and Freedom Party nomination seriously. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Party's California chapter was only chartered in late June of 2011, and consequently, the overwhelming majority of California Socialist Party USA members were not registered to vote Peace and Freedom in time to run for Central Committee. An earnest effort was made in Los Angeles to run write-in candidates. Frankly, the Socialist Party of California had placed considerable effort to re-establishing itself in California during the first portion of 2011 after having been dormant for over a decade. While we are sad to see that the dormancy of the past will have an effect on our ability to secure the Peace and Freedom Party nomination, we are very proud of what we have been able to accomplish with our campaign in California. Although we are fully aware that the presidential primary in California is inconsequential, we were able to finish in second place with very limited resources and a just-established presence in the state, which we feel is indicative of how serious the SPUSA in California approaches this campaign.
Alexander/Mendoza 2012 is a working class ticket. It is a ticket supported by a vibrant, energetic and enthusiastic Party that is growing quickly in California. The Socialist Party USA cannot and does not claim thousands of dues-paying members in California, but our focus is continued growth and impact. We have risen from the ashes and feel we will be able to provide the Peace and Freedom Party and the socialist movement with a willing partner in the working-class struggle for decades to come.
We are looking forward to a productive and enjoyable Peace and Freedom Party Convention!
In solidarity,
The Alexander/Mendoza 2012 Campaign

John Stossel invites PFP candidate Stewart Alexander to appear on Fox Business to discuss Third Party Issues:
 Fox Business News with John Stossel has invited Third Party Candidates to participate on a panel to discuss ballot access, issues that are important to their campaigns and the Third Parties that they represent.  The show will be nationally televised with the presidential candidates from the Libertarian Party, the Constitution Party, and Stewart Alexander, Presidential Nominee for the Socialist Party USA and presidential candidate with the Peace and Freedom Party
Time and dates for airing will be announced.   
Stewart A. Alexander []

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