Thursday, September 26, 2013

Support the Oil Tax to Fund Education Act

You can call the California State Senate President Darrell Steinberg's office at 916-651-4006 or the Speaker of the California State Assembly John Perez's office at 916-319-2408, and ask them or your assemblyman or senator to sponsor the OIL TAX TO FUND EDUCATION ACT, which will generate $4 billion annually for California Public and Higher Education!

The Act is registered at the State of California [], where it is described as follows: "This measure imposes a 15 percent “severance tax” on the value of all oil and gas extracted in California or its state offshore waters, which extend out three miles from the coastline. Oil and gas produced in federal waters would be exempt, and wells capable of producing less than ten barrels per day of oil or 60,000 cubic feet of gas per day would be exempt when the value of a barrel of oil or gas from those wells was $50 or lower. The measure states that the costs of the tax may not be passed on to consumers."

The Act is authored by Peter Mathews [562-234-3319] [], who relates the following:
"When I first started teaching in California Community Colleges in 1976 my students paid no tuition. They were only required to pay a $6 service fee for all 15 units. If you paid the same rate today that Arnold Schwarzenegger paid as a student in the 1970s at Santa Monica College ($6 for all 15 units) you would be paying only $24 today because of inflation. Lets bring back these rates by asking your Assemblyman and State Senator to sponsor the OIL TAX TO FUND EDUCATION ACT (this Act prohibits passing on the oil tax in higher gas prices), of which I am the lead author. This bill is ready to be introduced into the California State Assembly and/or the California State Senate, in legal language."

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